The Logistics of Trade Show Displays

Items do not just appear at trade shows magically, although it is meant to appear that way to the guests who arrive at the events. Getting the displays, advertising and equipment from one city to the next is a complex undertaking only possible when professionals are involved.

The industry involved with trade show logistics is extensive and companies can offer anything from delivering to an individual show, dropping off the items you want to a nearby warehouse or traveling just ahead of you from one city to the next as you hit the trade show circuit.

As you make your decision about who to choose, you will need to know first exactly what you need for services. Questions such as whether or not you need someone to provide exhibition logistics that can act as a go-between, delivering paperwork and instructions to on-location representatives or if these are unnecessary extras you are able to handle yourself.


In addition, when considering exhibition logistics you need to be specific about the shipping choices themselves. Consider the special needs of everything in your exhibit. Your products may require climate-controlled vehicles and warehousing in-between events. They could be sensitive electronics or complex mechanical arrangements which must be broken down and rebuilt in a specific manner. Or perhaps your display requires delicate packing and shipping, or contains over-sized items which will require extra hands to move but individual transport of their own to prevent damage.

While it can be possible to find everything you need somewhere, finding it all from one shipper may be much more difficult. This is another reason trade show shipping is such a large industry, because it needs to be able to match all of the requirements of the various other industries who are involved in these shows.

If you are new to the trade show circuit or if you have been unhappy with the previous services you have received, it is time to review the options available in the industry closely before you sign a contract with anyone. Look to the companies who are routinely recognized for their excellence by the industry as well as those who operate a fleet large enough to incorporate into their regular services everything you need. It is only with this type of organization that you will be able to have your displays and related products arrive safely and on time at their destination, just like magic.


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